Creating service that inspired by Indonesian hospitality culture

DHM is the abbreviation of Dafam Hotel Management; an Indonesian hospitality management company under Dafam Group that was founded in 2010 by young talented entrepreneur Billy Dahlan collaborating with hospitality expert Andhy Irawan. Our core business is hotel management service that inspired by Indonesian hospitality culture.

The first hotel was open in Semarang City and since then we’ve been developing our service quality and representing Indonesian heritage as our signature service.
Our head office is located at Semarang City in Central Java while our sales office available at Jakarta City.

The Touch of Indonesia

Each of our hotel units responsible to introduce and promote each location’s culture and local’s richness to the guests while bringing them more value of our quality service. Targeting many developing cities and area around Indonesia and overseas, we strive to be the benchmark of the Indonesian hospitality service.

We believed that Indonesia has a wonderful tradition which was inherited by the people and their very welcoming gesture is always visibly attractive. Our brand rooted from the very essence of this culture and DHM determined to bring the feeling and experience to the world. It is the passion of every DHM hotel to create hospitality experience that would make our guests feel like home and welcomed by their family.

Hotel Collection

Curated collection of our luxurious hotel ready to take you to the next level of hospitality services & experience.