Luxurious Experience Meet Style

A signature hotel brand designed solely for the purpose of creating your unforgettable experience of dwelling in a lavish accommodation with high-class leisure service and facilities.

Welcome to
Grand Dafam

Curated collection of our luxurious hotel ready to take you to the next level of hospitality services & experience.

Exceptional Service
and Facilities

Our exceptional hotel service and facilities ensuring each day of your stay fulfilled with catered luxurious hospitality personalized to your expectation.

Authentic Taste of Nusantara

As for the grand palate, Grand Dafam presents Grandin – a high-end fine dining restaurant that serve you combination of authentic taste of Nusantara with captivating modern cuisines with many options to choose.

Local Culture and Heritage

Embracing the richness of local culture and heritage, Grand Dafam is removing the boundary line between exclusive privacy and the openness of natural elements, so guests could experience both with ease.

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